0: Prime or Composite?

The time to recognize zero as “the number to be”

By Sean Oh

Every day in our lives, we have numbers. Numbers are scattered throughout the world. 0 is one of those numbers. However, a single concept that is a bit of a problem in mathematics is causing quite a problem for math. Is 0 prime or composite? In our years, we learn that zero cannot be specified as one of those types. But is there an alternative to the number zero?

It could be prime for some reasons. If you were to find the idea that zero is prime, you would need to find out about infinity. Infinity is just a number that goes on and on. 0 could have two factors. 0 and infinity. Infinity is the total opposite of zero. Infinity cannot be specified as googolplex, or even 10 to the power of googolplex. It is even more than any number. 0, on the other hand, is nothing but a number that means nothing. It doesn’t mean you have something, you have nothing. You have zero food, zero plants, and zero home. What could be less or more than nothing?

There is also evidence that it is composite. If you multiply anything by 0, it always equals zero. If the rule is spread all in numbers, then the number 0 has infinity factors, instead of infinity as its factor. 1 x 0 = 0. 2 x 0 = 0. If everything times zero equals zero, could it be composite with the number with the most factors?

Although both make sense which kind of number would it be? Would it be composite, with infinity factors and just one type of multiple? Or would it be prime with infinity as its one and only factor? Does it really even matter?

In my opinion, I think it is composite because of the factor that anything times 0 will always equal zero. Because of the fact that 0 seems like you forget him when you’re in college and it seems that 0 is lost. I don’t do it that way. Any number is important to me, and they shouldn’t be left out in anything, in any way. So I think that 0 is composite.

Between numbers of any sizes and symbols, the number 0 is a spark to learn about between prime and composite. In fact, why hesitate?

0: Prime or Composite?

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