Alcohol Prevention Persuasion

Sean Oh

Imagine yourself, drinking beer, then saying things you wouldn’t really say if you didn’t drink, then you drive home, when a few minutes later, crashing into a car. This hormone affects the body, which alcohol is actually is a drug, even though people think it’s not. I think the world is in danger as the next generation could start using drugs. I will talk about the hormone’s reaction, the crucial part addiction plays, and the aftermath symptoms, after you stop for a while.

Hormones are what makes the body function a different ways. Some drugs can be good for hormones, such as medicine, but however there are some bad drugs, like beer, wine, cigarettes, and more. The reaction of alcohol, as I mentioned earlier, can change social emotions, and not able to use heavy machinery. That is how the hormones react with alcohol.

Addiction can be critical, as once you start drinking, it starts to become an everyday action, as you keep on drinking you can’t stop. This addiction can start killing your body, as you will get no symptom, which seems good, but it can be effective later on. It can really mess up your life.

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve done good to stop drinking. But still the aftermath symptoms are pretty effective. Symptoms such as sleepless nights, headaches, nausea, and more can affect your everyday life. People must step up and keep on trying to defend the symptoms. However, people who are trying to quit might need alcohol just because the symptoms are rising up. The symptoms of drinking, as I said earlier, your body will start getting used to it and starting not to get used to not drinking.

If today you are still drinking, why are you still drinking today? Is it because your body is used to it? Does it taste good? If you have any excuses like those, please just quit alcohol. It will save many lives and maybe yourself too. If you were a victim of alcohol, please spread the word to stop drinking alcohol.

Alcohol Prevention Persuasion

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