The Civil War

By Sean Oh

It was all blood on the battlefield. Few soldiers survived this bloodiest war for the USA’s time. The two generals agreed to have the Union win and the Confederate surrender. What is this war? The Civil War.

At the time, people down in the Southern United States, African Americans were enslaved by white people. When Lincoln became president, 13 states seceded, or, dropped out from the country. Lincoln knew that this would not be good, since it would set a bad example if it did. The 13 states who seceded, made their own country, the Confederate States of America.

Lincoln next tried to convince the South to come back to the USA, but they turned it down. This tension broke when the South attacked Fort Sumter, in South Carolina, which started the war. People thought it would only take weeks or months to finish them off. However, for some various reasons, the Confederate almost got away with it.

One famous battle is the Battle of Gettysburg. The Confederate commander, George Pickett, made the famous Pickett’s Charge, but it was unsuccessful. Ulysses Grant led the way to victory for the Union. Abraham Lincoln gave a speech in Gettysburg and said that they needed to be reminded that the Founding Fathers made the Constitution for all people to have equal rights.

Months later, after many months of war and much gunpowder on the ground, Robert E. Lee surrendered for the South and agreed with Ulysses S. Grant to win the battle for the North. He would later become a future president.

Abraham had been assassinated one month later by John Wilkes Booth and died. The Civil War was over, with a bit of revenge on it. The next president Andrew Johnson took over his reign. That is the Civil War and the timeline of it.

The Civil War

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