The Trip to Buffalo

Sean Oh

We were waiting in the airport, waiting for my grandfather to come. We were watching a basketball game during the meantime; Cavaliers versus the Bulls, and then we saw him. It was my grandfather.

Waiting for time to pass in our Corolla was too boring for me right now. I had been burning since we got to the border of New York! Finally, we arrived at Buffalo and right near the airport, there was Tim Hortons, a café and a bakery, too. We ordered hot chocolate (Colder than we expected!) to warm us up a bit before going to the airport, which would arrive at 8 o’ clock. When we arrived at the airport, we had to wait for a while because of the time. After he arrived, we greeted him and started departing for dinner. We were eating Vietnamese food for dinner, which is delicious. We arrived at our hotel. When I was young, I only thought they had a casino. Now they had a hotel built and ready for all the visitors, including us. We got the registration for the room (The 19th room in the 8th floor) and started to explore around the hotel and see what there was. After that we dozed off into our bed.

We woke up early the next morning and played some video games before heading off to eat breakfast. I ate part of an omelet, ate some bacon, and drank orange juice, too. We were off to Niagara Falls and we were going to go on a boat, The Maid of the Mist, we got very close to the Falls, and got soaking wet, too. After we left the beautiful falls, we headed for the driving range for practice before an 18-hole match between me, my dad, and my grandpa with Sherry on his team. We headed home after dinner and slept.

We went to the golf tournament after lunch and breakfast with all of our clubs and tees. My dad did terribly bad in the first 9 holes. He only got one par in the whole first leg. I was having the lead by one point, being 2 over par at the time. When the final hole was complete, I had won with a score of -1. My dad got 108 strokes. He got third, or last. After dinner, we slept once again.

Our final day there was long. We had to go to my dad’s graduation day (PHD) and it took as long as 3 hours! We ate lunch at 4! We went back home with a warm welcome from my mom and her parents.

That was my trip to Buffalo, and the many trips I will have in my life. I have had many trips in my life, and this is just only one of them. In the future, I will have more trips there than I have been. I will miss my hometown.

The Trip to Buffalo

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