The Trip to Washington D.C

Sean Oh

Most people sometimes need to take a break from work. One of the choices they might do for their break is to take a trip. I myself took a trip, and it was to the capital of the USA, Washington D.C. Where I went was the Air and Space Museum, the Washington Monument, and the National Gallery of Art.

The Air and Space Museum is for people that are inspired in space, history of the airplane, and just plain transportation. I saw there are some interactive objects that are used to help you know space and air better. Some exciting galleries I saw was about the Wright Brothers. I learned that they actually upgraded the regular plane which was very flimsy, and they made their version more firm, and unbreakable. That is the Air and Space Museum.

The Washington Monument is just a monument that people visit every day just to see it. Some people will buy tickets to go up the Washington Monument. There are exactly 897 steps to go up to get to the top! If you have disabilities, there are elevators for you to ride if you really can’t do it. That is the Washington Monument.

The National Gallery of Art has everything that has to do with art, even sculptures! They have every painting you could possibly imagine, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Raphael! They have every countries’ paintings from here to all the way to Russia! That is the National Gallery of Art.

So, that sums up one of my trips to D.C. And just remember, it isn’t just you who can go there. You can invite your friends, family, classmates, workmates, and way more. And that is my trip at Washington D.C.

The Trip to Washington D.C

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