Time: The Function of Earth

It’s about time now in our lives

By Sean Oh

Time is what we use every single day. “What time is it,” toddlers ask to parents when they want to know the time. Everybody needs time to live, do work, and go to school, eat lunch, meet somebody somewhere. Our ancestors had to use not digital clocks we see on our cellphones, but different time tools. Let’s find out what they are.

Our ancestors, as described above, needed to use many different ways to track time. It started when people were looking just at the sky to check time. However, that technique had serious flaws. When it was raining, cloudy, and foggy out, it was hard to tell time by looking just at the sky. Then people started to use the shadow of a material to tell time. It was called a sundial. But, if it was cloudy, there wouldn’t be any shadow to look at. Candle clocks also had some flaws. If you lit a candle, the wax would melt. However, say you light up a short candle at 8 o’clock. Another person lights a large candle at the same time as you. But your candle doesn’t last long, and once it stops lighting and the wax is down, it might take you 5 minutes to light it up again, which gets you off of time. People also used water clocks. People poured water in a mechanism and it would flow for an amount of time. After every amount of time, they would pour another amount of water. However, if it was raining, the water would take more time to stop it from flowing, and if it was sunny, the water could evaporate. Those are some ancient ways our ancestors used to tell time.

As the mechanical energy usage got better, people started to find new ways to tell time. The hourglass was one of them. The hourglass had some sand in it. Whenever you would flip this object, the sand would start sinking down to the other end. When it ended, they would flip it again. People also started to make mechanical clocks, like the ones you would see on Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, PA. However, this had a lot of gears, and took up many space in the room. Pendulum clocks, pocket clocks, and equation clocks were also in this revolution in time.

Today, cellphones, wristwatches, digital clocks, and more are changing the way we see things about time. There might even be better ways to tell time in the future! Still, time is still our most important things in our daily lives. By far, the best time is now.

Time: The Function of Earth

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