By Sean Oh

Basketball is a great sport. It’s an amazing sport and very difficult to master, as well as becoming the best. It’s both a challenging sport and a physical one too, as people challenge shots, try to make crazy, weird, and unexpected shots to the hoop and score. Of course, rules are also included in the game and some famous players and events make fans pumped in their team and the famous events.

The rules for basketball are complicated. The players are trying to throw a ball into a hoop. If you make a short distance shot, you earn 2 points for your team. If you shoot behind the 3-point line, the line that is closest to the boundary line, and get it in the hoop, your team earns 3 points. If you get hit while shooting, it is called a foul and the player who was in the progress of shooting will get 2 or 3 free throws, where all of the players are on a line and the person gets to shoot with no distractions. If he makes one of these, his team gets 1 point. Defenders are trying to stop you from making points, because whoever gets more points at the end of 4 quarters, each 12 minutes, wins. If it is tied, we have an extra period that is 5 minutes to decide the game. The game will keep on going this way until someone wins at the end of the extra periods, which are called overtime.

Famous events happen each year in basketball. The NBA playoffs are when the 8 best teams in their conference match up and play a best of 7 series until a team wins four games, and they will go to the next round, or become the champion. One of the most famous series’ in the playoffs is in the 1992 NBA Finals when the Portland Trail Blazers went against the Chicago Bulls, with the famous Michael Jordan in the team. Those are some famous events in basketball.

There are many famous players today and in the past. Lebron James, born in Akron, Ohio, is currently an all-star for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has 4 MVP (Most valuable player) awards, and has won 2 NBA Finals MVP awards. Another famous player is Michael Jordan. He is considered to be the best basketball player of all-time. His team, the Chicago Bulls, has the record for the most wins in a season, which is 72 wins in a season. Those are some famous players.

Basketball is a fun sport which anybody can play, like your friends, your dad, your brother, and even your grandfather! It’s also fun to play. Don’t hesitate. Play today.


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