Writing: Then and Now

Writing: Then and Now

By Sean Oh

From then and now, you can see a lot of differences and very little similarities. People didn’t speak English, one person couldn’t learn and use two languages. They didn’t even write to our ancestors the same way. All of writing, however, started way back in the time.

As people were talking to each other, they could not find a way to communicate by writing. Then, people in China, Japan, and other southeastern Asian countries used symbols to write with ink. However, if you made one single mistake with ink, you would need to restart the writing all over again, which even the Founding Fathers had to deal with.

In the 19th century, pencils had been starting to be created, with wood and lead. There would be wood in a circular shape, around the lead, which would be used for writing, drawing, tracing, sketching, and lots more. Then, the tech age came. People made typewriters to type with, three people made the Apple I, and sooner or later, pencils would blast out. On the other hand the pencil’s lead changed to the material graphite, a non-poisonous material, which was the reason for replacing lead, since it was poisonous. More improvements were coming.

After lots of work and technology making, computers today are one of the fastest way to communicate from one side of the world to another. Still though, people still use paper to write, typewriters to type, and phones to text. The revolution of the next communication will come.

Writing: Then and Now

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