Real Estate

Real Estate

By Sean Oh

Real estate is what makes our homes have value, make taxes, and decide the price of your future home. Whatever the reason might be to use this valuable factor in our lives, it is always in motion. Prices go up and down, as people start buying, and other people selling.

Real estate does literally everything for people wanting to buy houses or selling them and buying them back. Here it goes: A man will buy a house. He meets with his realtor and the seller. They have to accept the buying offer, fill in a lot of papers, and then pack items from his old home, and send it to his new home, where he will rearrange the items later. Prices are going up and down today.

Some jobs are related to real estate. A realtor is a person who helps you decide your home by being given specific information from the buyer on what the house should have, where it should be, and what condition it is in. The realtor can also help the seller, in a different way.  Usually the only people involved in the buy is the buyer, the realtor, and the seller.

The progress of real estate’s wonders will be more valuable later on in decades, centuries and more. Of course, house prices will go up and down =, but the thing that will not change is the best of the real estate.

Real Estate

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