MERS: The Danger in Asia

MERS: The Danger in Asia

Of course, we can say that there are a bunch of famous and notable viruses that spread across a continent. Ebola, the black death, the Spanish flu were all viruses that effected the world. MERS, is now a trouble in Asia, especially in South Korea, where people are hoping for a cure. Of course, viruses are very bad for the body. It needs to be understood.

Usually a cell will process everything it needs. When you get a bruise, cells produce a certain RNA to make the certain function, which gives you a scab. Although, viruses attack the cell and the cell makes a different kind of RNA, which turns into a virus, which copies itself, until it takes over the cell and spreads it throughout the body, until the whole body is infected. However, the immune system is not that dumb for that to happen. The immune system attacks the virus after detecting it. After the whole virus has been wiped out, they will have a memory of that virus and can attack it more easily if it comes again.

The story of MERS started when a person from Saudi Arabia came to South Korea for work. Little did he know that he had the virus that would spread through Korea. However, he spit all across, so his germs came to other people at his work area, and people who got near him. Scientists are trying to figure out a vaccine for this tampering disease.

As people in Korea start to feel sick, people are starting to feel worried that they might become sick with MERS. They wear medical masks on their mouths, and hope that they don’t get hit by the disease, like from Ebola.

MERS is a serious disease that can spread throughout the country of South Korea, which can turn into an epidemic. The people of earth do not need a pandemic, or a disease that spreads across the world. Of course, give support to the sick and avoid an epidemic or a pandemic.

MERS: The Danger in Asia

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