DNA and RNA: Operations for Life

DNA and RNA: Operations for Life

By Sean Oh

Of course, we cannot live without blood, our organs, and bones. If we didn’t have these systems, we wouldn’t live the same way as we do today. We also are unique, which raises a question: What is making these unique things happen? Is it our blood? Is it the organs, where the most notable functions are made? Or is there a different thing in this weird process?

DNA is what makes us so unique. It contains every single piece that makes you you. It also has information where it can make RNA’s inside cells, which will be discussed later. DNA also has the ability to mutate, and rebuild, which means to break, and find a different part to replace it, which is also the reason why your personality changes when you are a teenager, adult, and an old person whose life has almost come to an end.

RNA is DNA’s assistant, which makes things happen, like make a scab, or destroy viruses, and even heal other damaged cells. Of course, neither can gain total control over the other, because they both need each other to do their job. RNA makes everything the body controls, from something that grabs protein and amino acids, to a powerful virus RNA destroyer.

These two systems work together to do literally everything the body functions, from doing a math fact, to building a big system to stop cancer, SARS, and any big disease that can kill you. Both can be very useful for every single one of us, as one day there might be no Ebola, MERS, SARS, or cancer.

As RNA and DNA tear out the 21st century, it starts to be more important in our lives today. It could be a very key factor for even longer lives, for people’s average lifespan goes skyrocketing up to space. I think the future is bright for the dynamic duo.

DNA and RNA: Operations for Life

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