Etymology: Origins of Words

“Can I have the language of origin, please,” spellers everywhere say. Lots of people think mostly about roots, affixes, double letters, as most spellers will also check. Etymology is the study of the origin of words, or where these strange words you hear on TV come from.

Etymology is a scientific study where people find the origin of words. Usually great spellers are very good at spying this key part by finding where the word comes from and finding out the affixes and key words. Etymology is very useful to find out how to spell this word out. I think being an etymologist will be a good job when people grow up.

Most spellers use this technique because they know all of the Greek, Roman, French, and English roots in the book, so if they hear something familiar, they can immediately ask the language of origin to see if the root is the root they think it is. If the language is correct, there is a higher chance that they will get the word correct. Spellers can easily get everything if they know everything about words. In fact, they could be a champion speller in the National Spelling Bee, held in Washington, DC.

It is important because if there was a word that nobody could spell and there was an unknown origin, there would be no hints, or anything to help them spell the unknown word. It’s important that every word has a place for where it came from.

Etymology is one of the greatest studies of all time and helps us spell the hardest of the hard. As the world falls, the memorization of speech will begin now, and in the hardest way, we have to speak. We can speak and spell, and now is the time to write and spell.


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