Music: The Flow of the Arts

Music: The Flow of the Arts

By Sean Oh

The arts are very creative things to learn for many people, and as always, a good stress reliever, and a great sensational thing to both hear and see. It also brings style to many people, as many people do the arts every day. Music is one of these things. Music is a style many like because you can create anything with the sound of one, two, three, or four, and more.

Most people have sung, played an instrument, listened to pop music, or listened to old country songs. There are lots of different kinds of music styles. Pop, classical, jazz, and country is what we usually hear every day in our drives to work, riding the buses to school, and even probably the rhythmic walking you do to walk in shopping malls, gyms, museums, and lots more. You can make music and hear music even if you do not know it.

The basics of music is simple for classical music. There are 5 lines in a box, and 4 spaces between them. Each line and space has a certain pitch, like if you sing, you probably know that the lines and spaces mean something in the world of music. Pop and others are different. They can change pitches, and make them swirl up and down, and start low pitching, then high, which makes a song you have never heard makes this unpredictable.

The world of music is beautiful and full of changes and great mysteries, as things uncover as the best music comes right in your face and is very nice to your ears. Music is a subject with descriptions, not rules. Go change the descriptions and make your own style with music.

Music: The Flow of the Arts

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