Cyber Secure People: The Difference in the Internet

Cyber Secure People: The Difference in the Internet

By Sean Oh

Sometimes you are walking by the street and somebody asks you, “Could I have some money?” You reply back, “No thanks.” This is an obvious answer for people who aren’t willing to give up their money for just one thing. People may think it is the same way on the internet, but then our thing comes in. Do you think they’re asking you very politely? Let’s talk about that.

For one thing, don’t be tempted to give a valuable to a person for another valuable if they ask you for it, because the valuable you are hoping to get might be a fraud. Websites like Amazon, Ebay, and lots more are made for these things, not a trade with an address, and giving away personal information just about a teeny, tiny buy.

Next tip: Absolutely, DO NOT give away personal information to a person on a communicational website. Celebrities are different, as only fans like to visit them, and most celebrities are adults. However, if you are a person who knows just a little amount of people, if you do give away personal info away, now people know who you really are, and now people can stela all of your stuff, or send out preposterous rumors about yourself.

Last tip: Do not receive or look at things that you don’t know what they are. If you don’t know what these emails or messages are, it might contain a viral bug that spreads everywhere, and sooner or later, all devices will be down and unable to be used.

You cannot trust everybody that asks you a favor, because your valuables could be stole with a blink of an eye. You just have to stay keen in looking at every single thing. Be careful for what you do. It can cost you your whole life

Cyber Secure People: The Difference in the Internet

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