Civics: The Place Where Government Starts

Civics: The Place Where Government Starts

Sean Oh

Have you ever wanted to know why taxes are being paid, how the government works, or why people want to have the right president that you do not like? Well, this can be simplified into a subject.

Civics is a study of the government, and how it works. This is a much diversified subject, and it can be taken various ways. If you wanted to study how the Irish government works, you would take Irish civics. You can talk about the American legislative group, and see if there really are enough candidates at the House of Representatives. Those are some real topics in civics.

I like to talk about how laws are made from just a bill. The bill goes through the legislative branch, and they can make the bill go through the legislative branch after half of the branch has accepted the bill. If two thirds of the branch accepts it, it will be a veto override, which the president cannot veto, or deny the bill. If he accepts it, the judicial branch will look at the Constitution about this thing. If it follows the laws, it will be an official law of the Constitution. If it does not follow the law, it is sent back to the beginning.

The government is also a very important part of civics. The presidents will try to get as much as electoral votes as they can, as the president wannabes try to race to 280 electoral votes, and whoever gets the 280 votes or more, will win the election. The president will be inaugurated, or be the new president leading, after 3-4 months. Those are some basics of civics.

There are lots of fun things about civics is that everything can be changed by one law, so it can change everything. I think it is a fun thing to learn. So jump in, and have fun. You might just become the president

Civics: The Place Where Government Starts

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