Coding: The Program of the Computer

Coding: The Program of the Computer

By Sean Oh

           Right now, you might be using a computer to read this. Maybe you used a printer to print this paper to read this. No matter where you are reading this, or how, there is something that all computers do. Of course, you think when you are a kid, that you might say, “This must be magic!” However the “magic” behind the computers that we use: cellphones, smartphones, printers, and other things.

The computer recognizes certain functions on its functionary system. Say, if we type the variable X in the computer, it might do something any kind of style. You can specify to make it do something very specific, or maybe use the printer and if there is supposed to be ink there, put ink there. Usually this has very hard code put into it. But, for the next few decades, maybe there will be a solution.

Lots of different code are out there. Some famous ones are CSS, HTML, JavaScript, C++, and many more are famous as people worked very hard to make these things. It is very hard to make code, too.

Well, we know code will have everything that kind of you have to memorize, but if it is really similar to the process of math, so does coding include math? Yes is the answer. Variables that have a certain number in it can be added so they equal something else other than the previous variable, which can make animations, which can make things move.

Of course, some time in our lives we will use a computer, but the coding might change a bit in the later years. I expect a load of technology coming in the next decade. So, have fun with the only coding! You might find it fun.

Coding: The Program of the Computer

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