Sean Oh
We are all different. Likewise, our personalities, looks, hobbies, activities, and schedules are all different. Take one person from each country, in the whole earth. Are they similar? Mostly not, but some are similar, such as Canada and the United States. But strikingly, the languages we have around the earth have so many, there might be an extinction of a language, but this character does not go away at all, even when it seems hopeless.
A language is a way to speak to each other, even if you have to write to do that. Some continents, like North America, just have 2-4 primary languages that people speak. However, in continents like Asia, there could be as many as 60 primary languages people actually speak in there. Great things like languages are just exceptionally large, which there might be more than 120 languages out in the world, which is a lot of languages to learn if you want to speak in any language possible.
There are a bunch of languages out in the world. Here is list of languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Latin, Italian, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Hindu, and much, much more is in the list, so there are a bunch to memorize to take a test about.

First question: What does bilingual mean? Answer: It means you can speak two languages fully, without an error. Are many people bilingual? Some groups of people study languages until they have a full concept of this, but some people are born from another country and they give birth to a person in another country and those people know both languages pretty well when they can talk.
Languages are a complicated subject and can be a very hard subject to understand. In the next generation, we can help this. Bilingual people can help people learn different languages. We can really show what languages are after we make the decision to study things. Have some fun! You might love a language.


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