Video Games

Video Games
Sean Oh
The kids today really love playing games and doing something that is fun. Video games have enhanced this saying. Mostly parents think video games are bad and ruin relationships with other people. However, kids think these kind of games are fun they are supposed to. These games are supposed to be programmed to be fun. So what gives us a reason to stop them?
Video games are games that are played on a screen, like an iPod, or a TV. Some adults like to play video games, sometimes, because they are addicting (Not really addicting, just hard to put down.). Of course the people you see playing are basically kids now that you see playing the magnificent games that are “awesome”, as all kids would say. Of course, now it will be exceptional to see a game that is not impossible to put down.


The games people are making today are very addicting to play until you are great at it, and some people are really good at doing these games, and can become the best player in the game. Still, most people like to just play for fun for life because they can’t become a great player, but they are a decent player. Like most people, they are a person that have a job and go have an everyday life, like all others.
But are video games good or bad? Either way, will it affect kids? First, it can destroy eyesight, and it can be the reason why people get agitated. On the other hand, people need to have fun during their lives, so if there were no games of any kind, what would we do to have fun? Is it a goal to play the lifetime game till they reach the top?
Video games are a hard concept to understand, but why will games will never be the same in the future? Can this problem be solved, or will we have to wait if games are the key potential to your happy life? What will happen if this all went away?

Video Games

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