Teeth: The Plaque, the Dirty, and More

Teeth: The Plaque, the Dirty, and More

Sean Oh

           We eat, drink, chew, and do a bunch of things in our mouth every day. We think our teeth are really clean and look shiny, but they aren’t. Plaque is all over the place, making the “black hole” in the tooth. It can continue to become worse later on. What causes all this anyways? Plus, how did our teeth come from?

We are born with no teeth, of course. As we continue to grow while we are babies, something weird is coming in our front gums, which is teeth are growing. It hurts a bit, and it gets irritating for the little one, and they end up chewing thinks to heal the “always coming back” pain, until, finally, your baby teeth have all grown. You lose these teeth when you are probably in about in kindergarten. It will take some years for all of those baby teeth to pop out, and grow the permanent teeth, until you are probably in middle school, which is the time most of your friends have braces for a few years.

But then plaque comes in. Plaque is bacteria that can bite on your teeth until it wears down and makes a so called “black hole,” which makes a cavity. Usually dentists will try to make that tooth go out if it is a baby tooth, and wait until the other tooth grows and see what happens. If it is a permanent tooth, they will probably have to fix this by replacing the tooth with a fake tooth that looks exactly like your old tooth, just whiter.

Sometimes, if you have cavities earlier in your life, they will put a layer of protection called a crown. It is usually silver or gold. It will stop the plaque from coming in the tooth, so nothing will actually happen, until you lose the tooth. Those are some facts about teeth.

Our teeth have these cool features are well protected so protect them well and you will succeed in your life with your teeth. It won’t hurt at all if you care for these shiny, white things. So take care—of both your teeth and yourself.

Teeth: The Plaque, the Dirty, and More

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