Our Life

Our Life

Sean Oh

We have questions throughout our lives. We can get confusing, not so confusing, or really weird answers. We sometimes have questions about life, as well as, how do we get here? The answer is known by mothers, or people who saw the process. It is a simple process.

Nobody really remembers this, but when you are just ready to be born, the baby goes out and there is a newborn baby. Most of your mother’s baby weight will have come out after labor with probably about 10-15 pounds left, but those are for the breastmilk. Usually newborns drink the breastmilk that their mothers produce. He will become smarter and grow teeth, eat more foods, and start to show feelings more accurately.

When you become in kindergarten, you can learn things quicker than a normal older kid because your brain isn’t crammed with a lot of information, so you can learn things easily. As you get older, things get harder, more complex, until you have almost reached your limit-your brain is about to explode in 12th grade math class. You get to college and graduate with any degree on anything. You are finally done with school.

From the end of college to an adult, your responsibilities turn from big to enormous. You have bills to pay for your house, you have to go to work, so there are a lot of responsibilities that you have to take. As you get older, thee responsibilities get easier, and smaller once you can deal with it. Once you enter retirement age, your body gets a bit weaker, a few years at a time. Once you have lived a good life, you have done your part in the world. It is called a sad word: dying. We cannot see your real body in person again.

Your life is long, and beautiful, with lots of adventure. As years go by, you will have a lot of memories you can go back and look at. There are lots more that you can do. If your life is good, your lifetime has been well-spent. Everybody likes that kind of ending.

Our Life

One thought on “Our Life

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    Sean, 이 엣세이 잘 읽었다. Grandpa는 Retirement age라서 미래보다 지나온 과거가 더 많단다. 과거의 얘기를 하자면 아름다운 얘기, 괴로움의 얘기도 많지만 그때 그렇게 하였으면 하는 후회도 많단다. 미래에 대하여는 내자신보다 가족, 특히 아직 찍혀지지 않은 필림, 풀리지 않은 방정식 상태의 내 사랑하는 손자 Sean, 너가 지금의 즐거움을 훗날 너와 너의 가족이 더 즐겁고 멋있는 삶을 살 수 있겠금 학생일 때는 공부를 열심히 해서 너가 목표하는 일을 성취하는 것을 보는 것이 할아버지의 소원이란다.너의 필림에는 아름다운 것을 찍고, 너의 방정식에는 너가 바라는 답이 나올 수 있겠금 해라.


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