How to Play Sudoku

How to Play Sudoku

Sean Oh

As this challenge on the news is mind boggling you head, you are like, “How do you actually do this challenge thing called Sudoku?!” Well, it is a hard challenge to fill the board in, but, the rules are most simple.

There is a 9 by 9 square grid, and there are some partitions between every 3 by 3 square. Numbers are placed randomly across the board. You must fill the numbers in. Using the numbers 1-9, you must fill in all the numbers without making the numbers repeat themselves horizontally, vertically, or inside the 3 by 3 square area.

There are some strategies hidden in these type of games. First tip: Use process of elimination in each row, column, and box. If you have used 8 numbers in a 3 by 3 square, use the last number you have not placed in the square and put in in the empty square. Another tip: Try not to answer right after you have looked on the board. Take time to look at what you are trying to solve. Once you have found a weakness in the puzzle, start attacking the weakness. After numbers have been filled, the puzzle gets easier, until you have filled in the last number.

The art of logic is the thing that can keep you focused on the weakness and honing the potential for great math problem-solving and much creative ways to solve problems. As you grow this beautiful art, it becomes the beautiful art of logic.

The best of the Sudoku challenges might just pick the best of the best out of the top solving mathematicians out of the world. We may see a master dominant mathematician.

How to Play Sudoku

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