Entertainment: The Living since the Old Days

Sean Oh

We like to have fun with life. It’s the only life we really have. We enjoy things so we remember them later. The bad once go away-and the good ones stay. We just can’t forget anything in our lives before we remember. We always forget and remember-but how did ancestors entertain ourselves?

Way back, there was no technology, or long-distance communication systems, so people nearby talked to each other, had fun telling jokes, talk about the past, and play games that they made up. Life was fun for their generation. They were made to talk, with the silver tongue in their minds. People also started developing independent working, like art, writing, reading, and a bunch of other stuff they’d enjoy.

As there was money to be given away, People found out that doing something that brings their mind in place keeps them in motion to learn and have fun at work. Sometimes people don’t have fun at work, so these people went to work at a place they really like. They also did hobbies that they would enjoy. Even folding paper was fun, making airplanes that fly really well, make jumping frogs, and anything that they wanted.

Today people have built technology, so now people can play online with friends, or play some video games to have some boost of fun. Lots of people can now watch funny videos online or do it like the old days and have a conversation. Today, from the beginning to today, you can do anything now that suits you.

Now there is a bunch of things to do today even now, when seeing this post on this blog. Even seeing this might be fun. If things don’t go well, try to help anything. This is only the beginning of fun.


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