The Orchestra

The Orchestra

Sean Oh

You’ve probably heard classical music in your life, some Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Haydn, and Debussy. These all have probably conducted or made the music of an orchestra, the beautiful combination of all those instruments, and the sound, wow! How does this make the fabulous finish?

The types of instruments that make the beautiful combination are here. The string instruments: violins, violas, cellos, basses, and double basses. There’s the woodwinds: flutes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons, and piccolos. Even the brass instruments: tubas, trombones, English horns, and more are in the brass. There are rhythmic instruments that keep us in the rhythm, which are the percussion: wooden blocks, bongos, cymbals, drums, and xylophones. Those are some instruments in the musical orchestra.

The conductor is also an important part of the orchestra. They keep the rhythm the same (unless they want it to go a bit faster or slower), and help the instruments in the dynamics. A good conductor is important for the orchestra to have, or else some mistakes will happen, which is no good in music. That is why we really have a conductor. It can also improve chemistry.

After you have put them all together, you hear a beautiful violin humming through the music you hear a surprise cymbal, and a great brass and woodwind sound coming through from the flutes and the trombones. The sound just starts getting better after that. The best combination when the big strike comes right then with a surprise loud ending and nobody saw it coming. The beautiful sound was so bountiful that you want to learn how to play like that.

Even the orchestra has the best of the best in music history. Everybody has been listening to this kind of music for about 400 years. The best combinations are just ahead of the pack as the beautiful sound changes as the perfect strike and the beautiful finish comes right at you like a surprise attack. It’s a beautiful thing to learn.

The Orchestra

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