Earth’s History

Earth’s History

Sean Oh

Research we have done in space has been incredibly outstanding in the 20th century, with the discovery of light-speed, the 4th dimension: space-time, and the incredible Hubble Space Telescope, named after the great astronomer, Edwin Hubble. But did they know what happened at the other end of time was even about? What about our planet? How was this incredible, unique planet made?

A long time ago, there was chaos right in the middle of the system. The Sun was born, and a while after that, asteroids were colliding in each other to make the new planets we see today. But then the big blow happened. An asteroid crashed head on with the molten rock that probably made life on our planet.

After all of the rock cooled down, micro-organisms came to life.

The micro-organisms were growing to evolve. Their relative form changed every way to make the ice age mammals: the wooly mammoth, and more animals, and the dinosaurs, to make new animals, till we have the human race. Then things started to explode on earth.

As humans started to take land from animals, and even hunt them, the culture of warriors came to thee, as the extinction of animals of hunting just started to explode. People started to realize this, and they have protected animals. Even pollution is a problem nowadays. People throw things away in unusual places, which cause air to pollute, or unclean, which is a bad mix for the society of animals, as they think it is food, and end up dying by choking. Now we learn that destructive behavior can be destructive.

Today, discoveries of the Earth are being made every day, and they are very good for finding out why we are here. Maybe there is a bigger purpose to live on Earth. Someday they will be discovered.

Earth’s History

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