The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect

Sean Oh

One day your outside, when the dramatic change comes that when it was warm just 2 summers ago, and now it’s hot as a torch, with a full head of steam. One reason it happens is because of the greenhouse effect. What is the greenhouse effect?

Like a greenhouse, the windows are transparent, so light can go in the greenhouse and the sunlight stays in there. The same thing happens in our world. The Sun brings sunlight toward the Earth and cannot escape. In reality, this makes the temperature warms up because of sunlight being the source of our light and heat.

In the future, this will become a bad mix between too much heat in the earth and the Sun turning into the great red giant, and when that happens, the first 2 planets will probably get too close to the Sun and be destroyed. This means the Earth will get too effected by heat.

Also, the first day of summer can be effected and lots of warm weather could be affected because of just one effect. Say, the first day of all of the seasons could be pushed back, because of the warm weather on earth. If this does happen, the earth can actually all reach 100 degrees or more at one time or another, which will not be good.

The greenhouse effect is a good effect for every greenhouse, but as time goes by, it might just be the worst thing you have seen on Earth. We need the seasons to stay in equal amounts of time. Do people today notice that the temp got warmer? Let’s hope there’s a good blocking system for sunlight someday.

The Greenhouse Effect

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