Apple: The Electronic Rise

Apple: The Electronic Rise

Sean Oh

Electronics are one of the most used products of all time, just because of the reason that it brings people together when nothing else can’t. One of the companies that are on the rise in the electronics building is Apple. Apple is a company that sells tablets, phones, laptops, and watches (Very recently this year).

It all started back in 1976 where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak made the Apple 1, a personal computer with just little memory. Then the Apple 2 came out a year later. It was like a bigger computer you would see in 2005-2008, but more thinner. The Apple 3 came also like a bam, which took only 3 more years to build the latest version. Just like the Apple 2, it was about the same shape, just with more data storage. IN fact, the made the Apple 3+ 3 years later, with built-in clocks, and better features.

Image result for apple i

The Apple 1

Skipping to the 21st century, the iMac, and the first generation of the iPod were created. The upgraded computer from the Apples, it was a great computer compared to the old days. The next generations of the iPod were made, and different types, with the iPod Nano, and the iPod Mini. This explosion of Apple products was just the extraordinary in this time. The first iPhone was made in 2007, which was the explosion’s twin.

Next was to come with the iPhone 3G, 4, 4S, 5S, 5G, 6, and 6+ came out in the next 8 years to now, in the present, and the new MacBooks were made: MacBook, MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air. IOS 6, 7, and 8 software updates on the iPhone were exceptional. The Apple Watch was also invented very close in May 2015.

Apple’s history is one of the best stories and the best transformation on electronics in the 1980’s and still amazes customers today. We can expect the big jump sooner or later.

Apple: The Electronic Rise

One thought on “Apple: The Electronic Rise

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    션, 우리 APPLE 회사 주식 좀 사야겠지??
    너 돈으로 APPLE 회사 주식 사서 두면 훗날 많이 돈 벌겠냐?
    션, 너 엣세이 읽는 다고 할아버지 영어단어공부 많이한단다. ㅎㅎㅎ 즐겁다 션, Thanks.


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