Rents and Taxes

Rents and Taxes

Sean Oh

When you were little, you probably heard once about taxes and rents. Well, do they work together to make your parents frustrated? Probably, if you are living in an apartment or renting a house, or in simple words, borrowing. Sometimes, you have to borrow money from the bank, but is it helpful to borrow, whatsoever?

Rents are just another word for borrowing something that’s not money. Apartments have you pay a rent every month so they get the money they deserve. In fact, most people only live in an apartment in a little while, just because of the rent. It bothers their economic rating since the time they moved in. It’s not a future to look forward to, because of retirement savings plans. It’s for the money, not for wasting it.

The taxes are one of the most things parents get frustrated with, well, they’re annoying! If there was a chart of how many taxes there were, it would take the whole page! It’s usually where all of the money they worked really hard to get goes down the drain to. The only reason why they need to pay it is because the government needs money, too.

Well, reasoning that you don’t have an apartment, the taxes are going to be fine without those epic student loans of your back, you say when you are about 24 or 26. With an apartment in the mix though, it just drains money so you have to bring the money in with an idiotic loan, which you have to pay back later, plus extra because of interest! Which does not help at all for young adults.

Rents and taxes are one of the most disliked topics among adults, but the point is that it’s easier with only one of these landslides in our way. Really, though the world may be in danger if we always have rents in our pocket.

Rents and Taxes

One thought on “Rents and Taxes

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    사랑하는 손자 션, 빚을 지지 않고 살기란 참으로 어렵단다.
    그러나 그 빚을 오래 지면 안된단다. 수입보다 지출이 많으면 안된다.
    멋진 삶을 살기위해 어릴때부터 지혜를 많이 모아야 한다.
    지식도 많이 쌓아라.


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