The War for Independence

The War for Independence

Sean Oh

           Back in the days where there were no electric systems, the day where fashionable war uniforms were made, and the day where the battle really began for independence. The British were a dominating nation at that time, where Spain, and France had great land. The shot heard round the world, the start of a journey to be rewarded with independence.

Back in the mid-18th century the British had finally finished off the French in the French and Indian War, but it cost them a lot of money to handle these things. The next thing they did? The British sent heavy taxes against the colonies in North America. They protested, but failed in the Boston Massacre, where the protest turned into a battle, and humiliation spread in the 13 colonies.

The colonists fought back with the Boston Tea Party, when they dropped down tea down into the ocean after the British sent the new law to pay heavy taxes for tea. It turned out well, and started the events one after the next. After the famous Midnight Ride by Paul Revere and 3 other men, all of the 13 colonies knew that the war was starting. The start of the battle was at Lexington, where both sides never gained an inch from winning.

The British started winning the early battles, and one was Bunker Hill. Most of the American soldiers were injured after this. But then, things started to change after the great general George Washington led his crew down the Delaware River on Christmas Day, and succeeded without capturing. The Battle of Saratoga turned the war to a downfall for the British, and were badly defeated by the colonists.

Then, the French went into battle with their ally, Spain, which was a trouble for Britain, too. After grueling battles lost, the British general Lord Cornwallis surrendered at the battle at Yorktown. The Treaty at Paris was signed in 1789, which set America free from all hassle from the British. In the 20th century, they became allies and fought together in the two World Wars.

File:The Surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown October 19 1781.jpeg

Cornwallis surrenders here with the white flag up.

The historic battle between the USA and Great Britain was a great battle between the underdogs and the early powers, and in the end, we won our independence, which is how we ended up here today. We should be celebrating the great victory now that there is now peace.

The War for Independence

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