Gym Every Day?

Gym Every Day?

Should students really sweat every single school day?

           Every day, we go to school, and play games, and have specials, like music, art, computers, library, and gym. However, some districts are thinking that kids should have gym every single day. Should we really tire out every day?

For being a healthy person, you should exercise every day for 30 minutes. We do that in recess, gym, and playing sports counts, too. But, the downside is that some people don’t play sports, run in recess, or do gym that often. People sometimes don’t like exercise at all. This is why some districts want to push the limits to see if you like gym every day.

Should we really make kids push the limits every day and exercise every day? Well, on one side, there are lots of kids who think gym is fun, even for people who don’t play sports. But, other people think that this is too much, and maybe they want it in the middle or so, or there are some people who totally disagree with that and only do one gym a week. What will you pick? I know what I’m picking.

To me, I think we should have gym every day. The people who didn’t like it then will probably be thankful later on in life where you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. It will keep you fit and stay in the right weight in the right time. So I think gym should stay as all 5 day of the school week; whether you like it or not. It’s here to stay, but not an offense to other people.

In the end, I think sooner in the future, most schools will turn to this situation to help our fitness and body weight and to stay in shape. It’s going to affect this change. But still, what is the best choice to make? Some people will figure out.

Gym Every Day?

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