Relays: The Best Way to Have Fun

Relays: The Best Way to Have Fun

Sean Oh

Everyone has seen things that require a lot of things, like teams, construction, and other things. But have you ever thought relays needed a lot of things? You need a lot of people, and there’s a lot of competition, as one thing can change when this person starts doing his thing.

Swimming relays have always been a very competitive competition, as coaches bring up their best players up and they do their thing by finishing easily on the wall or gutter, and the next person comes boosting ahead with a full head of steam and comes from the back of the pack to the front. These can always be a very good race.

Running relays are somewhat a combination of a speed and quickness race, and a “see how long you can hold a long cylinder in your hand” race. It’s always a fast and quick race, as the 4 people speed across the track and finish easily. In fact, there might be more coming for a running relay in the Olympics.

There are some crazy relays that you can make up. You can make up other relays make a cool combination between running and flight climbing (stair climbing). It’s easy to make a relay, just a competitive and fun thing to do in the summer or indoors, like make a catching relay where people try to catch the ball and throw it to someone else.

Relays have a lot of competition and have some fun in the times when you’re super bored. In fact, your friends might actually like having a relay race every day. It’ll be fun time with relays in your life.

Relays: The Best Way to Have Fun

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