The History of the Universe

The History of the Universe

Sean Oh

As we know, the history of the whole earth is pretty much the longest thing you could learn- or is it? Maybe there’s something out there that has a larger history: the universe! How big is it? “It’s almost infinite,” scientists say. How long has it lived? “Almost 14 billion years,” scientists say. It’s crazy to see what really started this.

When there was nothing in our universe, it was blank. But, some scientists think in that time, a big bang happened. When nothing became a lot, it just expanded. The universe was full of debris, dust, and molecules scattered throughout the infinite universe. Then, stars began to form.

As these lights started growing, something happened. Since the gravitational pull of the stars were enormous, asteroids started to come into orbit, and began becoming round. Some asteroids collided with each other to make bigger planets, for what we call them today. These kind of forms got together with something bigger, which is a galaxy. Galaxies are big systems that are in different kinds of shapes. Some looked dazzling.

As the universe started to align itself, stars disappeared through the night. What was happening? The death of a star was happening. The energy of a star was running out. It was really big, and red. This explosion is called a nova. Bigger ones are called supernovae, which the dying star can turn into a black hole, produce a gamma ray, or make the white dwarf. Sometimes scientists wonder if we will get hit by a gamma ray any sooner.

Our universe has a long history, and if there is more to discover, and more to prevent from happening in the future, we may be in the big money for longer lives, survival after destruction of the sun, and maybe life on any planet. We hope for the great discovery.

The History of the Universe

One thought on “The History of the Universe

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    살랑하는 손자 덕분에 영어곰부는 물론이고 여러가지 공부를 하게 되는구나.
    할아버지는 너의 엣세이를 꼭 읽어본단다.
    우리 손자. 이러다 소설가 되겠다.
    우리 션 최고!!!


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