Plants and Trees: Oxygen for Life

Plants and Trees: Oxygen for Life

Sean Oh

We know that we can breathe easily, from when we were born. It’s an easy thing to do. You and I can breathe with oxygen in the midst of everything we do. This oxygen is produced by a tree or a plant-which is what we need to do everything today.

Plants make a difference from the other things we need to do, like going to school, and drinking, but we get food from plants. They absorb CO2 to make H2O, or water. Water is an essential to our lives, as we need it after workouts, and other things. It’s important.

A tree has just about the same, but it produces oxygen for us instead of H2O. It’s a good area to breathe the easiest of all places, which is why the air is freshened when you are near a tree (or above its shadow). It’s just as useful as a plant, and trees are also plants.

If you put these two life-making plants together, you get good breathing air and get average annual rainfall, and get good, beautiful flowers in the spring. Your yard will be healthy, with only some accidents on plants once in about 3 months or so. Your yard will be one of the greatest lawns around the city, neighborhood, or town, whatever. It’s a valuable tool.

Plants and trees are perfect for a perfect, no accident life. Why resist to put down apple seeds down in? The next generation will take this opportunity in their hands. We hope the earth is a living thing we have for a very, very long time.

Plants and Trees: Oxygen for Life

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