The Path for the Swim

The Path for the Swim

Sean Oh

           Sometimes, we find skills in our path that block our way, we have some that are very victorious, and some not better than you thought. Well, my story is about the path I took for swimming. I know, maybe swimming is not that boring after all.

When I was very young, three, I learned the real basics. I learned the strokes, kicking, and tried starts. Well, those skills did not come into play when I was in my first years at school, which I regret. I didn’t even swim even once in 2nd grade. When I left my hometown Buffalo, NY, things took a turn.

I had just my very first months of 3rd grade (Also my first year in the school) when I got a flyer. The Central Colombia Aquatics Club was holding a pre-season and the winter season for people to enter in. I was looking forward to this a lot. I got good times, and started to get better at this amazing sport. Swimming was exciting!

After my first year at my new school was done, I entered the summer season for CCAC (As you might realize, Central Colombia Aquatics Club). I had a new challenge to face. I was 9 years old, so I had to enter the U10 division. They let us do the 25 yards on every stroke, with the extra 50 free, but the thing I was worried about was the 100 IM. I didn’t do a good butterfly at the time, so wouldn’t it effect my time? The first number of tries I got roundly 2 minutes. I was confident about breaststroke and freestyle, and backstroke, but could I really get 8th place in the championship meet? I did hope I did, but the only problem was that the players older than me were really good. I didn’t stand a chance against them. My season was over.

Next year, I was really hoping I could sign up, and my parents said yes. But since I was in a different age group, U10, we did 50 yards of every stroke, a 100 yard free, and the 100 IM again; no 25’s. I got better times on my IM. My record was 1:40 seconds. I got the breast stroke going with the 50 seconds I wanted, and I got good butterfly times, too. I was really hoping for a medal (8th or better at championship meet), and I did get the medal for the 50 yard butterfly. I got 8th. I was satisfied. My swimming is over for now.

Swimming has boosted me even further ahead for physical skill I personally need: stamina, control, speed, and flexibility.

In the end, The best sport I would like to do is swimming.

The Path for the Swim

One thought on “The Path for the Swim

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    사랑하는 손자 션, 너가 수영을 잘하고 좋아하니 할아버지도 함께 좋다.
    할아버지는 수영을 배워 본적이 없단다. 시골 저수지에서 어린시절 친구들과 시행착오를 하면서
    물에 뜨는 연습과 자유로이 헤엄치는 것만 할 수 있단다.
    그래서 스피드가 아주 느리단다.


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