Happiness: Priceless to Buy

Happiness: Priceless to Buy

Sean Oh

Everybody knows what really satisfies them or not. Mostly, things like getting a perfect test, or earning a raise or promotion in your job, or just doing something you like best. We cannot buy it, we can only earn it, or do it.

The proverb “Money cannot buy happiness” means that if you try to buy something to make somebody happy, you will probably succeed at first, but it will be penetrated by boredom. Of course, is there any toy that you have that you can’t put down once you have it in your hand? I don’t think so. You will probably get tired of playing the same game every single day (unless it’s a computer game we’re talking about).

We can obtain happiness by doing something that makes you feel encouraged. If you gift something to someone, you probably feel happy to other people because you are now a bit willing to give away things that you don’t need anymore. We can also obtain it because of something we do. If you really like basketball and you play real games against other teams, you might get the game-winning hoop. You might feel great about yourself, or act like it was that easy, or probably celebrate. It’s that thing that makes a human humane.

However, we can lose our happiness by something that makes you feel discouraged, like if you get teased or bullied by somebody at school, you might feel angry, annoyed, or scared. You can get in a bad mood suddenly by mood swings, or a feeling just comes into your mind somehow. It’s really frustrating to get in a bad mood, and it’s not that easy to get out of it.

Happiness is one of the human’s best abilities that literally only our type can show. We know that there are some things that don’t go away. Our times will come and go, but there will always be one things that swings in our lives: happiness.

Happiness: Priceless to Buy

One thought on “Happiness: Priceless to Buy

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    사랑하는 손자 션, 돈으로도 살 수 없는 행복을 션, 너는 스스로 행복을 많이 만들어 너도 행복하고
    할아버지도 행복하게 해 주려무나. 션 사랑해. 할아버지도 행복을 많이 만들고 있단다.


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