The Internet: Highly Connected to Share

The Internet: Highly Connected to Share

Sean Oh

The Internet was created for many things. Not to play games, or write the word “players” across the board. It was for the sake for some information. We get information almost every day. It’s like a cycle for us. We can do this every single day without any problem on paper, or electrically (Well, maybe not sometimes).

As those really massive computers started to be made for things, people wanted to have the ability to share information to other people’s computers so they could find out what this thing had to do with this. It was a great way to send, share, and learn about things. It was also good for just getting to know people, as these computers got smaller and smaller until you could fit in your pocket.

These things work by satellites in space transmitting data. It gets your sent message on e-mail, gives a coded number for the e-mail, and it transforms back to its regular message. Usually, this is the same thing that happens when you are texting, having a phone call, and even voicemail. Websites are a bit different. If you send a post to your website, the code for the script is put at the top, and BOOM! The post is put in just like that!

Today, almost everything is connected, like every electronic device has a connection to something. We must be careful on what we send online, because eavesdroppers might know what your message is. We must be careful on what we really say-do.

Sometimes the Internet we know is nicer or crueler than we thought. Maybe we have to tighten the security up? But one thing I am sure of: The internet was built for this generation and future generations.

The Internet: Highly Connected to Share

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