Computers in Education

Computers in Education

Sean Oh

           Your teacher has probably sent you loads of worksheets on paper, but what if you had the chance to do it on something else, like a computer to type papers, or a tablet that doesn’t show any eraser marks on homework assignments? You would think, “That would be totally better than just writing an essay on paper.” Maybe it is, but is it good for education?

It would be good for learning basic typing skills, and earn creativity on the creativity of things, and now the problem about the tired hand has been solved. The great technology today can bring great education to a turn. But there are some downsides.

The downsides of having an electronic in someone’s hand can be a bit tempting for them, as most kids play games on a tablet, or TV. They might want to think that this is a thing to play games on. But it isn’t. In school, you’re supposed to learn, not play games all day. Maybe in recess they can play some games, but the thing teachers are most worried about is the games.

I think if kids are trained to not be tempted to play games, maybe we can give it to them, but I say we sort kids in different classes so the right kids will be assigned an electronic, and so now teachers don’t have to worry about the temptation of games much. They’ll get to work immediately.

The technology today in school may be a possibility to look forward to for the future, but for now, we are in the basic stalling mode. We should act and see what happens. Who will find the solution anyway? Let’s see who does.

Computers in Education

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