My Family

My Family

Sean Oh

Of course, we all have families. From all the way back in the day, to today, there was a chain from the grandfather to son. Families are usually really big, as the chain is called a family tree, mostly because of from the present generation all the way to the first generation of the family. Let me tell you my family.

My parents are from a foreign country, South Korea. They have different types of personalities. My mom, is a good cooker, and is very hard-working. She is usually the one that does the laundry, and the dishes. My dad likes to work out a lot today, and likes to grill and he is also an economics teacher at Bloomsburg University. My mom also gave birth to a new baby a few months ago.

My grandparents are also from Korea. Their primary language is Korean language, although my grandfather (dad’s side) is learning English. My grandparents (mother’s side) were visiting to the USA from April to July 2015. All of my great-grandparents are dead today.

I have siblings, too. Sherry wants to be an artist when she grows up. She’s writing and drawing great drawings today. She was born in 2007. I also have Shane, who was born in May 2015. He can make noises when we talk to him and he likes some particular sounds, like ice rattling in a cup, and mouth sounds, and a bunch of others.

My family is a unique one. I plan to make it a better one once I get older. Other families like mine will try to do the same in a foreign country. Whatever I do, I hope it will benefit my own family.

Acknowledgement to my grandfather for this idea.

My Family

2 thoughts on “My Family

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    션, 너는 정말로 가족에 대한 생각들이 너무 맑고 기특하다. 부모에 대한 생각, 형재자매에 대한 생각들에 애정이 뭍어나는구나. 이 할아버지에 대한 사랑도…… 션, 너가 자라서 더욱 좋은 우리 페미리멤버를 만들어 다오. 사랑해 션!!


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