Loose Change

Loose Change

Sean Oh

Can money be a factor for the future? Will is be the most desired thing we need today? Well, all these questions are being asked, but is getting money that you spend on better than some money you bought for something really nice? Probably not, but what if it changes?
Money is important for buying our needs and wants, and most of all, it has value. The only thing about it is money is starting to be worth less every decade. It’s a problem, because maybe milk will cost $10’s. We do not need to buy high-quality things for high costs, most people try to find the cheapest areas to buy the best. Plus, when prices skyrocket into space, there are more third class people than first class, which will not fit our benefits.
Jobs are another problem, because now the unemployment rate should get higher once money starts getting cheaper. It’s not a good combination between managers paying big money to people that don’t have that much potential. Its hardness is like being cornered. You can’t get out of it. If you pay them not that much, they will probably quit. If you give them a lot of money, your debt will rise early on.
Now that money is getting cheaper in value, we must realize that economic growth is starting to shrink. If we can’t figure out how to increase value of money, a dollar bill will soon just be nothing but a waste of paper. We don’t want bad paper. We want something that has value. The money needs to stop decreasing.

Loose Change

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