The Reason Why People Cut Down Trees

The Reason Why People Cut Down Trees

Sean Oh

           Trees are essential to living life on Earth. If we didn’t have trees, there would be no oxygen to breathe on. However, trees have abated as people started cutting them down. Is there a reason why that people are cutting trees down, not planting them up?

One reason why is that people need paper to make things out of them, such as texts, books, sheets, scratch paper, coloring, and anything that paper is involved in. Paper is made from wood, and more to make the thin paper that we all write, print, and color on. We just need wood and other ingredients to make paper, could scientists find other ways to make wood?

Another reason is construction. People want to build a building in a particular place. There are trees in the area. They cut them down, then they can build what they were assigned to do. Although this makes a town a city, it can make less oxygen, and if there is a power plant nearby, there is more chance for acid rain.

The next reason is people need wood to make everyday things we do, like make chairs, desks, coffee tables, stairs, walls, and more. It makes a home more antique, but wastes more trees, and makes less oxygen as it was in the past. It just not good for the environment.

Trees will be planted day by day, but the destructive behavior there is today is starting to get crazy, so we need to start getting planting or the seed of life we had earlier will go to waste. Do you think anybody else who would have as a destructive behavior than somebody else does?

The Reason Why People Cut Down Trees

One thought on “The Reason Why People Cut Down Trees

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    Environment is important for living life. Sean’s grandpa and grandma economize on electric power, paper, chairs, desks, water and etc.
    Our food don’t waste too for good earth. Sean, I enjoy your essays every day. Thanks.


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