The Best Times of My Life So Far

The Best Times of My Life So Far

Sean Oh

           I have had many best times of my life so far, as I am only 10, but I have had the great moments that I like to remember all day. It’s one of those things you can’t really take away from your mind. It’s something that makes in you happiness zone. Maybe it makes you motivated to do something. Whatever the great moment there is, it’s always the good time to think of them.

I was playing in an indoor stadium with a club last winter. Our team had a great chance to score a goal. The ball skipped to me, in the air, and I smashed the ball with my feet and scored my first goal of the season. I thought the ball would be saved by the goalie! I was surprised. In professional soccer, they call those kind of goals a volley.

It was the championship meet at Williamsport, PA. I was doing 50 yards of butterfly. I was on the blocks, and I was feeling it. “Take your mark,” the referee said. Then, BEEP! I was neck and neck with the person right next to me. I finished the first lap, just before the guy next to me. Then, at that moment, it was over. I was starting to feel the rhythm, and with my stamina down, I raced until the end and broke my personal record and got 8th as well.

My 8th birthday party was going to be at a bowling place. I think bowling is fun. My friends came and all the cake, pizza and others came. It was a really good birthday party. They also had an arcade room, with tickets to get when you played. That was also fun in addition to the bowling. I had to thank my parents for that one. It was awesome, how else could I put it?

My best times in my life have really been fun and I would like to experience more of these moments later on in my life. It’s one of those times where you feel unbeatable and have more pride in yourself. Maybe I will find a better top 3 later on.

The Best Times of My Life So Far

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