Switches, Changes, Flow Controlling

Switches, Changes, Flow Controlling

Sean Oh

Switches have many reasons in our lives, such as turning on and off a light. Using switches is a great idea if you want a two-way system, like a choose-your-own-adventure book, where you can do this and this happens, or you can do that and something else happens. Maybe even something else happens when you try this dare.

Switches are just basic on and off things, and when you use electricity, like if you made a fan motor and you want to turn it on, you would use the switch so it would produce air. If you turned it off, it would not produce air. If you looked at an electrical set that were in the simplest form, the switch would be a mechanical movement where a piece of metal can move on and off the metal to turn it on or off.

3-way switches are switches that have three ways. If a light was involved in this, it would be either on, off, or dimmed. If you were going to try and make a bridge not too sturdy, not too loose, but just right, this would be the switch for you, at least if electronics could make bridges. It’s a powerful tool for things, but I don’t really use it very much.

The wires control the flow of the electric circuit, as like if you are running in a circle. You would keep running, as if it were a race that never ended. You would stop when someone told you to stop. The flow keeps you moving and the electric switch.

Lights and switches have always been a part of our lives, and now it becomes one of the key factors of our lives. The electric switch is a thing that is a simple concept, although it is built to be upgraded. Who knows what thing will come up next?

Switches, Changes, Flow Controlling

One thought on “Switches, Changes, Flow Controlling

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    Our compay produced various kinds of time switches for washing machine, micro-oven, electric rice cooker and ect.
    우리가 반든 것은 기계식으로 지금은 전부 마이콤식으로 바뀌어서 생산하지 않은 지가 10년이 지났다.
    앞으로는 또 어떻게 변할런지 모르겠구나. 나이가 들 수록 할아버지는 변화가 무서워 진단다.
    션, 너는 변화에 잘 적응하고 너가 변화시키는 주역이 되어 다오.


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