Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future

Sean Oh

Looking to the future is an original thing people do when something bad happens, like you got a bad grade on your test, lost a game of basketball, or having a bad day. We remember that our good days will come, and the bad days go away. But is there a better way?

Maybe trying to guess that a good day will come tomorrow is a 50/50 chance, but if you’re guessing a week full of good days, you take 0.5 to the seventh power. It equals 1/128 of a chance to get that. If you guess too much, luck will probably be a downside on you. But yeah, it’s just a saying. Maybe if you just think the saying the right way it’ll work out well.

Does is really help to really guess that a good day will come? On one side, there will be an even amount of each, but is it helpful to think that maybe not to predict the future, but wait till the life manages. If you know you’ll have a bad day, why predict it? Maybe it’s the saying, but the question is that is it helpful? Up and down days might take the body over.

If we really look to the future, maybe will find the real results on space, electricity, and even earth itself, but maybe we really have to be careful before we start destroying our weird future selves, because you may not be ready to destroy pain alone. If you kill your past self you will end up not alive. We really, really, really have to be careful about the way we really go to the future, because, one mistake might cost your whole life.

We know our life can be a serious and dangerous thing once time machines are made. If we can’t fix the problem of time, maybe we won’t make the time machine, because it can be a dangerous thing, especially because of the most part of the law of time. If you kill your past self 5 minutes ago, how can you be alive? This problem cannot be solved, so maybe time mustn’t be predicted.

Looking to the Future

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