Cameras: Hold the Smiles

Cameras: Hold the Smiles

Sean Oh

Cameras hold many use in our lives today, such as taking a picture, videotaping a ride on your bike, and maybe you’re just doing it for fun, and maybe the camera you’re holding right now likes to use flash features, and maybe it like to countdown. Whatever the picture is holding right now, maybe you want to print them. What did they have to do back then?

Back then when cameras were just a video-camera style camera, it took a long time for a picture to hold. If you wanted a smile in a picture, you would have to wait 15-30 seconds until, “SNAP!” The photo is taken. Plus, if you wanted to see the photo, you would have to wait about a week for it to come out. Those photos were just the crummy ones back then.

George Eastman was taking a photo of his daughter, waiting for 30 second for the photo to be taken. His daughter complained about how long it took. So, he made the Kodak camera. It didn’t take that long to take, it needed very little pixels to put in the camera, and it was the great inventions of all time. The reinforcing invention forced through the new cameras and the great generations of cameras to come.

Today, our portable cameras can take photos, tape videos, use flashing’s, and some have time-lapsing and slo-mo video-tapings that the cameras took looks beautiful, and very renowned. Our cameras will be hard to make a better one now.

Our cameras are very new and electronic, we can see now that cameras have been a great invention and it’s one of the most reliable electronics that we use today. It’s the world-renowned camera that has great effort put into it. It’s one of the great inventions ever made.

Cameras: Hold the Smiles

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