Podcasts: The Radio-Like Feature

Podcasts: The Radio-Like Feature

Sean Oh

Radios are the many things we listen to in our lives. Maybe you’ve heard of podcasts. Podcasts are just like radio, although it’s not live. We are listening to a live podcast almost every time we get in our cars. Maybe it’s the thing that we do that makes things popular, which is exactly why they made that. It’s to feature people who aren’t even famous and make them something people want to see every day.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or an iOS 8.0 or higher iPod, you will have a podcast app. This shows many podcasts you can listen to, such as educational podcasts, musical podcasts, and much, much more to uncover. There are many podcasts out in the world. In the website Brains On, they put on podcasts about questions that are being asked about kids that are wondering about something scientific.

These podcasts were made so you can listen to something while you’re doing something else, like listening to a podcast while reading a book, or doing some math problems in your math book (Not recommended unless teacher allows you.). Maybe there’ll be a podcast that you can hear with just plugging earphones to your ears.

Today, technology with the podcasts is one of the most technological build-ins we’ve ever seen, so we might see a bigger picture with other electronics soon. In the end, electronics will rocket-launch us to survival beyond Earth.

As the world’s history starts to unfold, maybe the listening will start to make things much easier for us to survive. If we can adapt to the electronic podcasts, maybe it’ll save us from dying from the Sun, as some scientists might know why. Maybe we’ll have to try to adapt great listening skills for the next generations.

Podcasts: The Radio-Like Feature

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