Elementary School Life

Elementary School Life

Sean Oh

           This fall I am becoming a middle school student. I have enjoyed elementary school, from kindergarten to 4th grade. I can’t wait to go to 5th grade, but memories shatter the brakes and I feel I have to tell you these special moments about myself. So, go ahead and read on.

In my kindergarten year, I had met my classmates, but had trouble finding a friend that had just the same characters as me: smart, sporty, gamer, Asian, and other, but there was nobody that really had at least two of these traits. In my first grade year, I was also unlucky. Nobody moved out from my school I had went to the past year, and the new kids did not have a relation between me and them, just being an acquaintance with them. We changed to a public school after that.

In second grade, it was a tough year at my new school. There was a gifted program in the school, and still no real best friend with me in that time. There was somebody who was Asian, but was a different grade. I mean, really, I just can’t talk to him that often at school. This was a big problem, so when I was given the opportunity move to a new state, Pennsylvania, I took this chance and things took a deep turn.

In third grade there were some friends that had relationships that were sporty and is smart. My school year was fun, not only because of them, but also because of swimming. I excelled in swimming, and in my first year, I got 8th, 7th and 10th in the championship meet that year. Fourth grade was not that much different. I literally had the funniest teacher in fourth grade. Even my extra gifted schedule didn’t stop me from getting great grades. That year, with an iPad to help the subjects out, I got great grades in math, and writing. The iPads helped build creativity, it penetrates temptation with focused work. Because of this, I think I will get really good grades in 5th grade.

My elementary school life now is my plan to build on in the future. I believe that the grades will skyrocket up for me this fall. I believe this early push will bring me to success in the future. I hope that will be true. In fact, I guarantee it will.

Elementary School Life

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