Mensa: The Idea of Smart

Mensa: The Idea of Smart

Sean Oh

           Mensa is one of the biggest group organizations on Earth. It’s all about the intellect of other people, and it is one of the greatest things you really might need for your business: to be smart. “What is the requirements, and what do they have in mind with me?” You might ask. Well, figure out right now.

Mensa is a group for very smart people so they can articulate their thoughts and make new friends with people with similar traits as them. If you did the test to get to Mensa, you’d have to get to the 99th percentile from all people who take the test. If you reach that high, you can go to Mensa and get a membership! If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You are officially a Mensan!

Activities that only Mensa really offers is: 1: the gatherings. These gatherings will help your education and you can meet new people with the same interest. There is a gathering that brings the whole USA around one city and the exploration begins. In July 2015, they went to Louisville, Kentucky, and in the summer of 2014, they went to Boston, Massachusetts. Those are some activities Mensa does.

These smart people like these great groups that have the same traits as them, from the west coast to the east coast in the USA Maybe someday the Mensa program will be upgraded for the best for the apocalypse of the world.

Mensa: The Idea of Smart

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