The Secret of the Cosmos Part 1

The Secret of the Cosmos

Part 1

Sean Oh

           The main business about space is all about the planets, history of the galaxy, history of, well, really Earth, and stars and their mysterious ways. Today, I believe that this is a great thing to start on to finding the secrets, but the real question that we have to ask is how did all this come to be?

The history of simply everything that cosmologists, scientists, astrologists will want to know how the universe really came to be this. But first, we have to look to the close distance (or so it seems) first before we expand. Now, let’s get started.

Our solar system is the main thing that researchers are trying to uncover first. Can there be life on Mars? What’s inside Neptune? Is there life on moons? How did Uranus get turned sideways? These questions are being asked by many scientists, and maybe there is a solution to finding all the secrets to the solar system. Maybe Jupiter has more thunderstorms an earth year than how much years that it has been since 0 A. D. Or maybe there’s more to Saturn than its beautiful rings. We can only answer these questions by thinking outside the box, which scientists have already done.

As we get further away from the planets and onto the other systems (a star with multiple planets into the galaxy, the Milky Way. With the center of the galaxy a black hole, (It’s a prediction.) it’s the spiral galaxy that is beautiful in sight, and it’s full of systems like ours. It might be to think why such a beautiful galaxy should have such questions, such as how much solar systems are there? Or, how much planets in the galaxy might have life? These are being asked today, as scientists are trying to uncover the secret.

Life beyond Earth is a man in 5,000,000 A. D’s dream come true. Most people want to find if there are really other human beings out in the universe, or are there aliens, learning algebra in 1st grade? We won’t really know those questions—but there have been recent discoveries how there really might be life in many different planets out there—in strange ways.

Maybe we really don’t need to worry about the life beyond Earth till the last few years Earth is alive. Maybe they’ll just discover it now. But maybe there are differ types of life—like on Europa.


The Secret of the Cosmos Part 1

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