The Secret of the Cosmos Part 2

The Secret of the Cosmos

Part 2

Sean Oh

We ended off last time with the great mysterious ways of life beyond Earth. Maybe there’s life on Europa, the moon of Jupiter, or Mars, the 4th planet in the solar system. If there is life on both of these areas, shall we ever find Europa as big as Earth? On Mars too, right? Let’s find out.

Life on Europa was a thought in life because of how icy it was. Maybe it was ice that had frozen H2O. Maybe the thought is that Europa could bring more sea animals that could deal with cold, then we can make more blankets, jackets, and other material can make nights and cold days warmer, while building adaptations to humans for living on Europa, so the cold weather it not that cold anymore. Plus, if frozen H2O can be melted by certain things, we can actually make air with evaporation! So, maybe if astronauts can do this mission, maybe we can actually create creatable life on Europa.

Mars is also an option for life. As scientists have discovered with Mars rovers, Mars has ice on its peaks. Maybe, if we can bring a sample of ice to the center with a pressurized rover, maybe if it melts, we can make real H2O. If there is a device to actually melt different ices, we might find life on Mars.

The real question we have to ask is: Are we the only one out there? Maybe we are. Maybe we aren’t. Whatever the odds are, I think there’s a good chance to find life somewhere else other than our home planet: Earth. Maybe the stars are telling us what’s really out there. We will never know until we research it.

The secrets to the cosmos are hidden in deep codes, but there are the best things we see today on survival, making peace throughout the world, and maybe we are going to die by the Sun’s mighty power, but remember: Always keep your head up, not down.

The Secret of the Cosmos Part 2

One thought on “The Secret of the Cosmos Part 2

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    Thanks, Sean.
    I studyed from your essay this morning too.
    The Sun is his mighty power but our sientists are their great heads.
    But let’s remember that always keep our head up, not down.


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