The Nervous System

The Nervous System
Sean Oh

The nervous system is one of the most diverse systems there is in the body. It’s used to do all of our things that we do today. We talk using this. We write using this. We do everything using this. The nervous system will turn to be the best system ever used.

The neurons are basic factors of the nervous system. Neurons send messages to our brain for what to do. The neurons know when you get a cut and tell you brain that you have a cut on you hand whether it came from paper or it just happened somehow. Neurons really are the messengers of the nervous system.

The brain is what we know it is. It’s the brain that does everything that we need to do, even things we do because it’s a habit, whether it is good or bad. It’s just like the king and his messengers. The king sends his messengers for any occasions happening and the messengers bring the message back to the king. It is almost identical, only it’s like somebody who tells about it to another person many times until it reaches the brain with just a blink of an eye. The brain is the main role of the body, which is why if we didn’t have our brains, we would die in a second.

The spinal cord is a bone. It is not only a bone, but it is a subway for neurons to go back and forth from the brain to the nerves, which is where the neurons usually check out to see anything happening. If we had these kind of jobs, life would be boring. Well, these workaholics are one of the most focused things other than computers.

The nervous system is the system with most control over the body. Maybe it is the role that puts together the whole human body together and whole. Maybe we couldn’t live without our brains. Whatever it is, maybe elaboration of the brain will come.

The Nervous System

2 thoughts on “The Nervous System

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    Thanks, Sean. I am studying many things from your essays.
    I never mind any kind of your essay but I hope that you are fun and happy when you write your essay.


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