Sean Oh
If we had to build something for a famous person, we would build it well, to be reasonable. People know that if they want to be rewarded they need to do things with style. Architecture solves the problem. It’s the only plan that can create the same Eifel Tower, or renovate the White House.
The first step architects do is making a blueprint. A blueprint is a plan of the building that is built from angles that would need to be seen to be built.  Then, the architects make measurements on how thick, wide, and tall one part has to be. Then construction workers can see how much of each material they need to build the building.
Then, the construction workers take it from there and the exterior of the building is being built. They use the precise measurements and build the building, one part to the next part until the outside is built. They can go to the interior part now.
During  of the exterior of the building, the architects have jobs to do. They have to make the interior blueprint. As they plan one room to the next, the construction workers are done and ready for their interior blueprint to be ready. When the architects are finished, they give it to the construction workers, and the build the inside of the house. When they finished, the plumbing and the electricity are next. They set it up with pipes and wires, and voila!
Architecture is a piece of art, carved into many unique shapes, as most artists have done. They make the art from just a blank page to a masterpiece. They come in different shapes and forms, so it’s more than just art architecture. This is the three-dimensional circumstance, which extends art to the next level.


One thought on “Architecture

  1. IL HWAN OH says:

    Thanks, Sean. Good job.
    There are many famous architectures in Korea too.
    Someday if you come here let’s go to see them.


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